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Food hygiene selling sweets

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You could try focusing on one area, like chocolate, fudge, or maybe even health food! Get your friends and family to try all your samples out and find out which are the most popular choices. I am selling pre-packaged chocolate on a market stall next week and have my level 2 food hygiene certificate. But, I now read something about registering with the Food Standards Agency.

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Advertisement To look great and feel great it is important to have good hygiene. Learn all about maintaining your appea Personal hygiene encompasses how you care for your entire body. That means your skin, hair, teeth, nails, and every other bit you can think of.

Food hygiene selling sweets

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I only sell wrapped goods as in chocolate bars but still had a visit from the food inspectors. They checked where I prepare the bouquets, where I store my stock, the hygiene procedure I do & records kept. It mainly comprises of selling loose sweets (and in wrapper) from a jar where your only contact is at the point of sale, when taking sweets out to be weighed and sold. This part of the process will involve some handing where I’d think you will be using some type of tongs to move the sweets. I'm also aware that if I was preparing, making food to sell (like fudge sellers, cake sellers, etc) I'd need to be FSA registered for the preparation areas to be checked etc. But from what I can see, selling pre packaged, manufactured sweets and drinks is just resale like the toys, just like a general convenience store.

Food hygiene selling sweets

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Not suitable. We offer you peace and quiet, delicious locally produced food and turnkey conferencing and event services. Disposal Personal Hygiene/Sanitation Products Pharmaceutical Items Postal, Courier and Distance selling – nicotine tax.

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Good food hygiene is essential to make sure that the food you serve is safe to eat. When you are setting up a food business, you need to introduce ways of working that will help you ensure hygiene standards are right from the start.